Amongst the 14 root downfalls of the Vajrayana, we can find this one, which is seemingly oft forgotten:

“Disrespecting other religious philosophies and doctrines:

The sixth is criticizing the philosophical doctrines of heretics searching for a path, shravakas and pratekyas on the path, and the great path of the Mahayana.

The first aspect of this [...]

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The centre will be relocating over the month of January 2014 to another location only a couple of blocks from the current location. Meditation groups will start up again in February with a more versatile schedule to make it easier for you to find a convenient time to come and practice.

Have a peaceful and [...]

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No December groups

On December 12, 2013 By



Sadly, I have to inform you that all activities for the month of December are canceled due to circumstances far beyond my scope of influence. Hopefully I will be able to invite you to come practice meditation with me early in the new year.


~ Dechen

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No Sunday Service Dec 8

On December 7, 2013 By

Sunday service on December 8 is canceled.

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Unfortunately, I have to cancel this Thursday evening’s meditation group as well.

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Due to the weather and road conditions in Calgary and area, meditation group is cancelled.

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No Sunday service Dec 1

On December 1, 2013 By

There is no Sunday service today.

The regular schedule will resume soon. Please subscribe to the calendar feed.

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Meditation groups this Tuesday afternoon (Nov 26) and Thursday evening (Nov 28) are cancelled.

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