Carrying Happiness and Suffering on the Path

If happiness comes, be happy;
Dedicate all accumulations of virtue.
May benefit and joy fill the sky!

If there is suffering, be happy;
Assume all suffering.
May an ocean of suffering be emptied!

If sickness comes, be happy;
This exhausts the negative karma of many lifetimes.
May it substitute for the sickness of all embodiment!

If death arrives, be happy;
Die in the nature of Suchness.
Cut the samsaric wheel of birth and death at its very root!

If there is a long life, be happy;
By the two accumulations the benefit of self and others is spontaneously accomplished.

~ Pegyal Lingpa


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NAMDAK SALING is an independent non-monastic (Ngakpa) centre for Dharma contemplation and Buddhist meditation under the spiritual guidance of Tsewong Sitar Rinpoché. The resident teacher is Lama Dechen Namdröl. We are in the Thorncliffe neighbourhood in Northwest Calgary.